Friday, January 6, 2012

~Two Thousand Twelve~

Hey friends,

Happy New Year!

My credence for this year is simple.

I want to be a better Muslim, grandchild, son, brother, friend, student and better in every single thing that I do or will do (because New Year calls for exploring new things!). I have my plans kept close to me to remind me of things. A human always need a reminder because we tend to be forgetful and ingrate in life, sometimes (hopefully not always) hahaha. =D

By the way, I  have applied to the universities in the States. The results will come out sometime in April. I need a lot of luck and prayers with me. So if you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for me. Haha. Thank you!

I'm trying my best to make this year a memorable one for the people around me! My time here is ephemeral. (Insyaallah, I'm flying sometime in August/September) Don't miss me.... =( haha

Hello, two thousand twelve!

Random = I learned a lil bit of Quenya (elvish language - Tolkien thing) from the web. Haha. *If I were an elf, I want to be Galadriel*

xoxo shahir