Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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Friday, January 6, 2012

~Two Thousand Twelve~

Hey friends,

Happy New Year!

My credence for this year is simple.

I want to be a better Muslim, grandchild, son, brother, friend, student and better in every single thing that I do or will do (because New Year calls for exploring new things!). I have my plans kept close to me to remind me of things. A human always need a reminder because we tend to be forgetful and ingrate in life, sometimes (hopefully not always) hahaha. =D

By the way, I  have applied to the universities in the States. The results will come out sometime in April. I need a lot of luck and prayers with me. So if you are reading this, please take a moment to pray for me. Haha. Thank you!

I'm trying my best to make this year a memorable one for the people around me! My time here is ephemeral. (Insyaallah, I'm flying sometime in August/September) Don't miss me.... =( haha

Hello, two thousand twelve!

Random = I learned a lil bit of Quenya (elvish language - Tolkien thing) from the web. Haha. *If I were an elf, I want to be Galadriel*

xoxo shahir

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Hey bloggie,

"Selamat Hari Natal" kepada mereka yg menyambutnya. -random-

Oh wait. Aite, my post this time would like to touch recent issues of my life which are related to the word above.

Well, my lil bro got his PMR result, the result would not be disclosed but I just want to say that I am proud of him. My sister reported that he cried upon hearing his result (which was below his expectation), and he was silent all day (he is with my sis on a holiday). But at least, he tried his best, he surely did, I've never seen him so rajin and assiduous. So, whatever it is, kudos to you my brother. Let alone this PMR thingy, I'm sure the future will serve you well and hopefully you will become a great pilot like daddy. Insyaallah~ 

Did some catching up with V.I.P. brothers in my life yesterday for breakfast that dragged until one plus. haha. But I appreciate his willingness to make time for us. =D. thanx. I watched Sherlock Holmes after that with Fendy. It was the great movie, and I realized that there was a subtle (rather obvious actually) message regarding Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes relationship. Muahaha. Hope there would be a continuity of that movie. At night, I had my dinner with family! Homemade steak, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy sauce, corn, tomatoes. Gosh yum and delish! Hahaha.

It was a day! Soul to speak~ but a thought saddened me last night. (Hope she'll go to the States!)

Till then, have good remaining days till two thousand twelve (I will start tweeting on that year! Follow me!)

xoxo shahir

Friday, December 16, 2011

~Fall Semester Over~

Hey peeps,

     I ended my fall semester few days back. Gosh, it was a relief. I went out with some of my great friends on the last day of the exam. We went to eat the super spicy Thai Thai, karaoke! and spend our night playing "Truth or Dare" in Casa. I sincerely felt the strong bond I share with them, I just hope they are feeling the same because I seriously began to trust them and understand who they are. We would even work together (for some) after graduation for ten years anyway... haha. They are great people. Going to miss seeing them for a while (not forgetting other great friends I met in adp)

     Bond. I love the word somehow.


The girl I wrote about in my previous post replied something sweet and heart warming after she read the post. haha. We are going to be great friends for sure!

xoxo shahir

Saturday, December 3, 2011

~I Will Always Care~

Hey blog,

     I think I really like this one girl I met in my life. She is so bitchily sweet. (bitch is a good word to me, take note) I seriously felt the need to care for her somehow, although I did not establish any relationship between us. Again, it was quite evident that she sees me as only a friend, perhaps going to be great friends soon. I could really feel the chemistry haha. She told me that there is a guy that she seriously likes, but she is not willing to take the risk, yet. I felt sad a little knowing that she is in love with another guy, and the fact that she shared stories with me clearly depicted my role (as a friend) in her life, but somehow it did not affect me that much. I really wanted her to be happy and prayed hard for her dreams in life. Insyaallah. I guess I should just harbor my feelings in hope that it will slowly diminish, perhaps one day the love of my life will appear, Yay. Nonetheless, I will continue to care for this girl because she is my friend. Perhaps a special friend in my heart.

Oh yeah, she wanted something for her birthday next year, I promised myself to treat her if Allah wills.

*Seriously this is my first time falling for a girl, (I am not gay! Haha) but it is just me! I rely on my instinct and heart when it comes to everything in my life (read my previous post for an inspiring quote).
Hahaha, perhaps I am special =) Cheers my friend, Don't worry, I will always have your back!

Random update:

     My roomie, Syed, posted a video of me singing on the wall of adp scholars group. He recorded using his webcam without me knowing! Feels like killing him!

xoxo shahir

~Finals and Application~

Hello peeps,

     In a week, I will be sitting for my finals! Yay, End of Fall Semester in ADP...! Please wish me luck, I need loads of 'em!

     But.....! I will cramp my days after the finals with application essays! =P In hope that the ultimate insight I wrote will convince the admission officers.

Just a random update:

     My sat scores were only 1900 - this is okay, but if I wanted to be in the random pool of my dream school, it should be better - I may re-sit in January.

     Someone made me feel ultimately discouraged when I expressed my intention to apply for my dream school. I said to that person that I just wanted to give a shot to that particular school, although my scores may be below the school's scores for the average pool of applicants. I was kind of disappointed with the remarks given; that person wanted me to proof why I deserve to be in that school solely based on my scores! (as I was giving other reasons for my desire)

     What the hell, all this while, that person was the one who convinced many people that the American system is different, admission officers look at your application as a whole etc and most importantly your essays and values. But now, he was questioning my intention. I just don't get it. That person said that he/she was trying to be realistic and thought that I was delusional. This was insulting because I know what I am doing, of course, I am aware of my application. I've thought long about it and just wanted to give a shot, why is it so hard for that person to understand? Haih ~ I really respect that person, but... sigh.

     Whatever it is I will go for it, there is no harm in trying right?

     In life, have you ever felt a very strong energy of desire that your heart tells you to go for it regardless of what others say? That is what I felt for that school. That is the reason I applied.

"I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul" -Invictus-

So shall be it! Insyaallah!

xoxo shahir

Saturday, November 26, 2011

~Hey. Previous Posts Hidden~

Hey blog,

     Sorry I'm kinda OCD-ish. So I have kept all the previous posts hidden.They are only for my personal reading to reminisce the past. Nostalgia ~ haha

xoxo shahir