Friday, December 16, 2011

~Fall Semester Over~

Hey peeps,

     I ended my fall semester few days back. Gosh, it was a relief. I went out with some of my great friends on the last day of the exam. We went to eat the super spicy Thai Thai, karaoke! and spend our night playing "Truth or Dare" in Casa. I sincerely felt the strong bond I share with them, I just hope they are feeling the same because I seriously began to trust them and understand who they are. We would even work together (for some) after graduation for ten years anyway... haha. They are great people. Going to miss seeing them for a while (not forgetting other great friends I met in adp)

     Bond. I love the word somehow.


The girl I wrote about in my previous post replied something sweet and heart warming after she read the post. haha. We are going to be great friends for sure!

xoxo shahir