Saturday, December 3, 2011

~I Will Always Care~

Hey blog,

     I think I really like this one girl I met in my life. She is so bitchily sweet. (bitch is a good word to me, take note) I seriously felt the need to care for her somehow, although I did not establish any relationship between us. Again, it was quite evident that she sees me as only a friend, perhaps going to be great friends soon. I could really feel the chemistry haha. She told me that there is a guy that she seriously likes, but she is not willing to take the risk, yet. I felt sad a little knowing that she is in love with another guy, and the fact that she shared stories with me clearly depicted my role (as a friend) in her life, but somehow it did not affect me that much. I really wanted her to be happy and prayed hard for her dreams in life. Insyaallah. I guess I should just harbor my feelings in hope that it will slowly diminish, perhaps one day the love of my life will appear, Yay. Nonetheless, I will continue to care for this girl because she is my friend. Perhaps a special friend in my heart.

Oh yeah, she wanted something for her birthday next year, I promised myself to treat her if Allah wills.

*Seriously this is my first time falling for a girl, (I am not gay! Haha) but it is just me! I rely on my instinct and heart when it comes to everything in my life (read my previous post for an inspiring quote).
Hahaha, perhaps I am special =) Cheers my friend, Don't worry, I will always have your back!

Random update:

     My roomie, Syed, posted a video of me singing on the wall of adp scholars group. He recorded using his webcam without me knowing! Feels like killing him!

xoxo shahir