Saturday, December 3, 2011

~Finals and Application~

Hello peeps,

     In a week, I will be sitting for my finals! Yay, End of Fall Semester in ADP...! Please wish me luck, I need loads of 'em!

     But.....! I will cramp my days after the finals with application essays! =P In hope that the ultimate insight I wrote will convince the admission officers.

Just a random update:

     My sat scores were only 1900 - this is okay, but if I wanted to be in the random pool of my dream school, it should be better - I may re-sit in January.

     Someone made me feel ultimately discouraged when I expressed my intention to apply for my dream school. I said to that person that I just wanted to give a shot to that particular school, although my scores may be below the school's scores for the average pool of applicants. I was kind of disappointed with the remarks given; that person wanted me to proof why I deserve to be in that school solely based on my scores! (as I was giving other reasons for my desire)

     What the hell, all this while, that person was the one who convinced many people that the American system is different, admission officers look at your application as a whole etc and most importantly your essays and values. But now, he was questioning my intention. I just don't get it. That person said that he/she was trying to be realistic and thought that I was delusional. This was insulting because I know what I am doing, of course, I am aware of my application. I've thought long about it and just wanted to give a shot, why is it so hard for that person to understand? Haih ~ I really respect that person, but... sigh.

     Whatever it is I will go for it, there is no harm in trying right?

     In life, have you ever felt a very strong energy of desire that your heart tells you to go for it regardless of what others say? That is what I felt for that school. That is the reason I applied.

"I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul" -Invictus-

So shall be it! Insyaallah!

xoxo shahir